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The picture below depicts Africans riding the waves in their canoes. They would go out to meet Europeans ships and to ferry the passenger to the shore safely. Also, they rode the waves for recreation. Some of the more famous canoe surfers are the Kroomen of Liberia.The picture below is the royal canoe of King Quenqueza, and it 's from the book, "Lost in the Jungle" by explorer Paul Du Chaillu.The book was published 1873.Du Chaillu speaks of this canoe being over sixty feet long and other canoes that were very impressive on page 14, of his book.

Afro-American Sports Federation is a cultural organization dedicated to researching the indigenous and traditional games and sports from our African and Afro-American heritage that have been lost or discontinued due to slavery and Jim Crow segregation.This site is intended as an educational resource to persons interested in sports and games from our African heritage.

The sports and games featured will be directly from countries where Afro-Americans are descended from such as :


1. Congo                               9. Benin

2. Nigeria                            10. Gabon

3. Angola                             11. Liberia

4. Ghana                              12. Cameroon

5. Sierra Leone                   13. Ivory Coast               

6. Mozambique                   14. Guinea

7. Madagascar                     15. Gambia

8. Senegal                            16. Togo



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