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    Sundi football

This account of a football game being played by Congo youth among the Basundi was a traditional game, that is no longer played, With the arrival of European missionaries, they introduced their games.English football was introduced in the Upper Congo around 1891-1904.The Congo had existing ball games when the missionaries arrived most notably hockey and ta ndimbu.This account also is from Karl Laman's notebooks from natives about the games they enjoyed. Here is the account :



" Football is played with a lemon, by two teams divided by a line drawn on the ground. This line forms the boundary between two villages or domains. The first player places the ball on the midline and kicks it off.  A player from the other side must check the ball with his foot and immediately send it back, and so the match proceeds.Failure of the oppposite side to check the ball means a goal, and the ball is then again placed on the boundary line for kick off. The first team to score ten goals has won and captured the other team. The teams then change places and continue the game to see if the captives can win their ten goals back and regain their freedom. A ball that is kicked over the side lines does not count. The ball is kicked with the toes or, to send it flying high up in the air, with the instep."




source : The Kongo by Karl Laman, vol.4, chapter 4, p 11, 1968

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