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The country of Whidah was a properous kingdom in the 17th century.They had several types of games that the natives enjoyed for recreation and sport.Whidah is located in what is today modern Nigeria. Here I present an account of an archery contest that took place between 1688 - 1702.



" There is another game which is not forbid, and is purely an Exercise of Skill and Address. They plant a stake in the ground, forty or fifty paces from the But where the Archers stand; on the Top of it they fix a Ball of light, or soft wood, about an inch and an half in diameter, and lay wagers who shall hit, or carry-away the Ball, in two, three, five, or seven shots, and not more. He who misses it, in the number of shots given him, loses his Stake, which is never less than the value of four or five crowns of Gold in Bujis."




source :A New General Collection of Voyages and Travels:in Europe, Asia, Africa,Thomas Astley, Vol. 3, Sect II, p 22, 1746

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